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World of Traders

A game about trading and business management.

What is World of Traders?

World of Traders is a computer game where the player manages a company that produces goods. They will have to find the best deals to make the most profit out of it.

world of traders logo

What's the current state?

It's in alpha, really early alpha to be honest. Some of the main working features so far:

I usually update the twitter and facebook profiles with new updates.

Who are you?

I'm glad you ask. My name is Albert Callarisa, I'm a software engineer with more than 10 years experience, but not in games, this is the first time I do a game. I'm mostly a backend engineer and learned Unity (and C#) just to do this game.
I like mostly simulation kind of games, specially city builders (Cities skylines to name one) and company managers like Whatever Tycoon. Special mention to Factorio, in my opinion one of the best games I've ever played.



If you're interested in playing the pre-alpha go to downloads.

Please, send me feedback after you play. Anything. I really mean it, I've been working alone in this project for over a year and it’s really helpful to know what other people think about your work in order to improve.

Doesn’t need to be just things you’d change, but ideas or any random thought you had (related with the game if posible) will be useful.